Currently looking for a new shop, and in the meantime finishing up work on a new buggy project and working on the Skybike 3.0
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Friday, 30 September 2011

I'm back, and finishing up work on the Skybike as well which will also be having some new videos. Sorry for the long
absence, however, as the only one working on these projects, my time is severely split between raising capitol
paying bills, and working on getting things done. 

One of the newest projects I have been working on is a 4x4 Off-Road buggy.
The 2014 Frontier Master 800-V2   which can be drop shipped anywhere in the US.
These monsters feature a super solid steel frame, and roll cage, as well as a sealed steel undercarriage.

2014 Frontier Master 800-V2
2014 Frontier Master 800-V2

The Sky Bike project s nearing completion of its construction phase, after which I will begin the test phase.
I'm looking forward to seeing just how fast this thing can go!

I am doing what I can, however this is still a ONE man operation so updates may be slow.

Well, I've been going from work to coming home and working on the bike as I can and getting it done.
Things are looking good. There is some fine tuning to do, however for the most part things are really coming
together quite nicely.

The new landing gear is installed, I also got the kill switches put in for all three engines, so it seems
that I only have minor work remaining on the fuel tank before I am able to fire it up and do some ground tests.

Videos are up finally!
I will be integrating them into the site as soon as I figure out how to do that as well.

Currently installing/constructing the break system/fuel tank/ and flight controls, and testing the three engines.

(latest image below)

Testing is underway!



Sky-Bike 3.0
Sky-Bike 3.0

The NMX-G2 has been turned into parts for the bike, which is in phase 3.0

Anti-Ballistic testing has been put on hold.

Please feel free to send me an E-mail with any questions.

Check out the current Projects!

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