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Monday, 27 August 2007

About: Real Mecha


Mecha Raise
NMX04-1A emerges from the Scaffolding.

Mecha in the Past:

Previous Mecha have only existed in Sci-Fi movies, comics, Anime and computer games. Typically in these games and comics a Mech is shown to be a very large semi-robotic vehicle, 15 to 50 or more feet in height and weighing several tons. Often the Mecha in Sci-Fi are pictured as humanoid and bipedal with their general structure based on the human body.

The concept of a giant walking machine piloted by a human, for use in construction, rescue and military applications has been around since the early forties. Since the early 60's and 70's we have seen many more representations of Mecha vehicles in mainstream media, movies and TV shows.

There has even been a few attempts at Mecha style machinery or vehicles in the past, but most not serious or successful. The closest thing to the concept and most well known is probably the "Hardiman" project developed by General Electric back in the 60's.

Mecha in the Present:

People recently have seen the "BLEEX" project by DARPA and call it the first Mech. However, GE's project in the past and DARPA's primary goal now is utilizing a ExoSkeleton to augment the users bodily functions such as strength or agility while keeping the ExoSkeleton lightweight. For example "BLEEX" could be used to help soldiers carry more equipment into the field or to prevent them from tiring out as soon.

Carrying backpacks is very different than the 50 foot semi-robotic vehicles we previously talked about right? That is because a machine such as "BLEEX" is an ExoSkeleton in it's true form. The "Mecha" that Neogentronyx is introducing will be a ExoSkeletal Semi-Robotic Vehicle, a.k.a "Mech". The word Mech is really just a abbreviation for the word Mechanical but it is the generally accepted form for what we are developing. Neogentronyx uses Mecha as the plural form of Mech.

Neogentronyx Mecha will not be used to carry backpacks into battle, or be made as small as possible. Think of a Mech as type of Personal Tank Armour. Rather than the Mech augmenting the pilots bodily movements or functions; The Mech will imitate the pilots motions but only as a method of control, not augmentation. A Mech will be able to serve the same purposes as firefighting vehicles, military armour, and construction vehicles but with more precise control and agility than a typical tracked or wheeled vehicle.


The NMX04-1A is the first attempt at a fully functional Neo-Mech prototype by Neogentronyx, but it will certainly not be the last. Many other Neo-Mecha and innovative vehicles projects will commence as our company grows. For more information on the NMX04-1A see the separate information page linked on the front page or here.

Proof of Concept:

While there are already several civilian robot models currently available on the market there are no attempts at creating a fully functional mecha with applications and uses in the real world.

The NMX04-1A will be used to show the potential of Mecha in the real world, and to help draw attention to this, until now, seemingly fictional machine.

A primary goal for the NMX04-1A project is to help encourage funding and advancement of Neogentronyx and the new Mech Industry. The NMX04-1A is to be a functional cosmetic shell to show the potential for advancement in this yet to be pioneered field.

Get off the wheels and get yourself some legs! The Revolution is Here!
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