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Saturday, 24 November 2007

N.P.A.B.A. (Neogen-Powered Anti-Ballistic Armor): aka (Bullet Proof/Resistant)

Photos will be available soon!

Tests are performed on very light weight 8" X 8" X 3/4" Test Plates.

This is a project I began in order to save lives and to help eliminate trauma and injury caused by high powered rifle fire.
Presently, body armor is capable of stopping all kinds of piercing damage from taking lives, however there are various shortcomings, many of which have to do with the inability to stop multiple rounds save for one (Dragon Skin) which I belive is an absolutely Amazing product currently held up in a game political  foosball, however even Dragon Skin seems to fall short in FULLY eliminating trauma caused by the amount of force generated by a high powered round impacting it, however I do believe it is the BEST thing out there right after sliced bread, and mecha.

The N.P.A.B.A. is less so designed for its anti-ballistic capabilities, and more so designed to function with existing anti-ballistic technologies and various materials to achieve the same end.
It allows for full adsorbtion and transference of kinetic energy into its exoskeletal frame. The armor will also monitor the vital signs of its wearer and features on board heat and A/C to help the wearer better tolerate various climates.

The N.P.A.B.A.  be fitted with all manner of electronics and equipment based on mission orientation, and is designed to carry its own weight and act as a form of shelter for the wearer as well.

The Armor also contains certain characteristics which augment the physical abilities of the wearer. I.E. Speed and reflexes.
I am very much looking forward to putting new videos up on this site and a few others as well regarding this particular project
When the time comes.

The obvious nature of this project is geared toward saving the lives of our men and women in uniform.

Photos available soon.

TEST Plate (1) (8"X8"X3/4") results thus far begun with small arms fire.

20ft. range.

45 cal. FMJ. Fired from Para Ordenance 14-45 = 0 penetration

45 cal. Hollow point. Fire from Para Ordenance 14-45 = 0 penetration

45 cal. Hardened lead. Fired from Para Ordenance 14-45 0 penetration

7.62 FMJ Fired from an SKS (grain coming soon) = full penetration

7.62 FMJ Hollow point Fired from an SKS (grain coming soon) = full penetration

7.62 FMJ Jacketed Soft point Fired from an SKS (grain coming soon) full penetration

Level 2 Armor at best. 



TEST Plate (2) (8"X8"X1") results thus far begun with High powered rifle fire.

20ft. range.

7.62 X 39 cal FMJ. Fired from AK-47= full penetration

223 Fired from AR-15 = full penetration

40mm Fired from Smith and Wesson = 0 Penetration


 TEST 3 Multiple plates or varying polymer makeup.
 The results are that rounds from handguns are all stoppped within the first few layers.
 Rounds were fired from a 20ft. range away from target.

 The carrier is now under construstion using the materials which passed the test for being able to resist arms fire.

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