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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

This is a project I undertook which began for me as a simple Idea.
Build a motorcycle that can fly. Seems simple enough doesn't it?
Its taken me about 4 months thus far to reach this point with the new Sky-Bike Prototype
which you can see here.

NG-09 S.B. (Sky Bike) is currently under construction.
This is a tandem wing design which is why it appears to have such a large tail section.
This will greatly increase in flight stability.

NG-08 S.B. is cancelled.
I felt that to call such a bulky thing, as the 08 "would have been, a motorcycle
would have been like calling a Boing 747 an Ultra-light Aircraft. I am trying to keep the "Bike"
true to name as well as form, and style.

These first 3 photos show the Skybike in Flight mode.

The Bike has 3 Different Modes.

1.Bike Mode:

Wings and Tail are fully removed from the frame (quite simple to make happen)
Useful for forced air drive. This is a higher speed form as well, allowing for
greater speeds at the cost of flight mode.

2.Bike Mode Wings Folded.

Wings remain attached however they kick back on their slide rail and switchblade forward.
The flaps Fold in and are locked into place. The Tail Stays Mounted as well in this position.
This is ideal for being able to get quickly moving once on the ground.

3.Bike Wings Out.

This is the flight ready position which allows the bike to be fired up and ready for take-off.
This mode has the largest profile in performance and appearance.


Sky-Bike under construction.

Sky-Bike Under onstruction side view

Sky-Bike Front View Flaps Down

Sky-Bike Front View Flaps Down


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