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Monday, 24 November 2008

Elite Enforcer: Model 1337

Click to see the IEE1337 in action.

(note) Below Photo shows the Elite Enforcer modified with an 80 Gig USB powered Hard Drive.
Sold Model will not include this!



The Elite Enforcer is a game control platform composed of high strength fibreglass and designed for the sole purpose of playing First Person Shooter gaming.

Durable fibreglass construction provides a lightweight platform mounted with a USB powered interface which allows the unit to be easily customized and completely modified by its user provided the USB devices fit into the device’s specifications.

The EE Model 1337 is equipped with the USB 2.0 Hub/Combination universal card reader and a number pad with optional touch dots to simplify movement, allowing the user to more easily adapt to this unique method of game play.

The Elite Enforcer will work with any First Person Shooter game with key bindings of up to 17 keys.
There are many third party number pads and micro keypads which can also be easily integrated into the system.


The Elite Enforcer is approximately 12.5 inches in length, 7.5 inches across, and 2.0 inches wide.
The containment unit where the hardware is mounted is 6.0 inches long, 4.75 inches wide and 1.0 inches deep.

Game play:

Game play with the Elite Enforcer provides the player with a unique sense of immersion otherwise lacking from FPS game play. Pivoting the Enforcer from the rear, using the mounted Gyration GC15m Mouse, allows the player to rotate the (look) feature by simply moving the Enforcer in the way you would like to see emulated onscreen.

The movement is also controlled by a mounted number pad which is located on the side of the Enforcer. Each unit comes with touch dots which can be placed by the user to assist with touch feel perception to help distinguish key orientation critical for non traditional keyboard/mouse game play.

As sold (Below)


The Elite Enforcer dramatically changes game play and increases difficulty even for seasoned gamers. Anyone purchasing this product will be challenged to interactively learn how to control and to make it work in their favour. (Hence it is the Elite Enforcer not the Newb Enforcer!)
Once mastered, the possibilities for game play are limitless with this device depending on the skill of its user.


Elite Enforcer provides gamers a whole new dimension of elevated game play by combining existing technologies into one unique package that can be customized to suit the user.

Constructed of high strength hand crafted fiberglass.

The system is adaptable for either right or left handed users by simply moving the components into a different configuration, depending on user preference, and the USB power feature can be utilized for additional power to attached device. External USB power supply (5v.) is NOT included.

This device is compatible with FPS games on PC(Windows XP/Windows Vista/Mac and other systems which allows for keyboard and mouse compatible game play, and features a section for the re-assignment of keys.

As sold (Below)



Clicking to re-lock the mouse might seem too tedious for some players.

Currently, the number pad control has a limited number of keys which can be assigned for game play (17 keys are assignable).

Known issues:

On systems which provide lower power to their USB ports, plugging in the Elite Enforcer may cause USB powered devices already connected to not be recognized, or to seemingly stop functioning. This is because there is not enough USB power in the system for all connected devices. To alleviate this issue, disconnect unused or tertiary devices, or connect a 5 volt power supply (not included) into the USB hub in the Elite Enforcer package.

Some wireless devices on the 2.4 ghz frequency may cause mild interference if they are in close proximity of the Elite Enforcer during use.

Model 1337 features technology incorporated from the Gyration GC15m air mouse which does not allow for true line-of-sight game play. What this means is that the gun itself must be re-centered occasionally during game play by clicking the lock mechanism for the mouse until the desired center position has been located.

Increasing in-game mouse sensitivity will minimize this issue, but be aware that there are times when you will need to relock the gun facing the forward direction. Double clicking on the locking button forces the gun to stay locked in one direction. Clicking the locking mechanism one time and holding it allows for a lock until the locking button has been released.

The Gyration mouse and other attached devices may NOT work properly if the device is dropped or otherwise damaged.

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